About us!

About Me!

My name is Yassine, and I’m the owner of Free awesome designs. Thanks such a lot for visiting my site! I’m super excited to possess you here.

Right now I'm not along, I'm working with my team, They are a great team, working hard, to give you those lovely designs.

In November 2018, I believed it might be fun to open associate degree Etsy store on the aspect to possess some additional hard cash. I had no plan what proportion it might take off! among but a year, I’ve gotten over 5000 sales on Etsy, and several other thousand additional sales across multiple design websites. It's quickly become my full time job!

I've currently expanded to my terribly own website! I've got massive plans for countless tutorials, free SVG files, printables, and more. i can not wait to indicate you all what I've got planned.

I'm therefore excited and appreciative to be a part of such an incredible community of crafters!

I’d like to
 hear from you.

Commercial usage Terms!

All those styles in our computer area unit designed by our team, you'll use it in your physical or/and digital merchandise, you'll use this file on third part printing sites (Like Etsy, RedBubble, TeePublic, SpreadShirt, Society6, Zazzle and Merch By Amazon) that print digital styles into physical merchandise available.

High quality And Exclusive graphic styles rigorously elite and designed by our team. Free content that may be employed in your own personal or industrial comes.

Commercial Usage:

Offered to non-public or industrial comes. you'll not sell any of our design in digital files. you'll use every style up to one thousand times on physical or digital merchandise.

Commercial Usage Exclusions:

• don't use the planning for the aim of reselling it.

• don't distribute the files in any approach. they can't be shared for any use, together with personal. Please respect that we’re freelance artists and want the support of all crafters that love our files! It permits us to stay creating a lot of new styles for you!

• don't modify/alter the planning for the aim of reselling it. (For example, adding a flower border around a style to then sell as a transfer isn't allowed.

• don't take away a little of the planning to use for re-sale.

• don't use our styles for any disparaging, sexy, or offensive material.

If you want us to make your own unique design, just feel free to contact us:

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